Friday, April 23, 2010

Everything Is About You!

Dear Baby Girl,

How does it feel for everything to be about you right now? You are so special and so important. All of our planning is about you. All of our cleaning and rearranging is to prepare for you. There are no words to express our joy in anticipation of your August arrival. We keep cleaning more, planning, putting things in our registry created just for you. 

We are so excited to know that you are growing, changing, getting closer to your arrival in this big world. But, Baby Girl, we need to have our first real Mother/Daughter conversation. Last night, you were quite the naughty child. We need to set some ground rules. When Mommy wants to go to sleep, that does not mean it's time for you to play. Last night, your Daddy was writing a very important email to your Grandmom and it was getting very late. Mommy was tired. But you wouldn't let me sleep. I don't know if you were disco dancing or what, but Saturday Night Fever needs to wait until it's day time. 

Now that we have cleared the air about that, your Daddy and I are so excited to know you are growing and doing well. I can't wait to hold you in a few months. But until then, I will love the bonding time you and I have with each other.