Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forever Changed

Dear Isabella,

I cannot believe how much life has changed since you arrived three weeks ago. I used to wonder how new parents did it, how they just changed their life around when a baby changed their world. But it's just one of those things that changes itself. Life will never be the same since you have come into my life.
I love to spend my time with you. Even though you are still so little, and there's nothing that you play with yet, you've started to recognize the sound of your name. Whenever I say your name, you look in my general direction. You know my voice so well. You and I have shared many conversations, of course I'm the only one doing the talking right now. I love how you can sleep for an hour or two just laying on my chest, wrapped or covered in a blanket. There is no better feeling than snuggles and cuddles with you. 

Your daddy is forever changed, too. He's a pro at changing your diaper already. He loves his snuggles and cuddles from you. When he snuggles with you, he likes to nap at the same time. There's nothing sweeter than a little Daddy/Baby nap time. I love to see how content you are just sleep in your daddy's arms. Some little girls never get to meet their daddy, whether it's because those daddies choose to leave or because they are longer here (like your Uncle John). I hope and pray that you grow up to cherish the moments you get to spend with your daddy. He's so in love with you and I know you already love him. 

I just wanted to thank you, Isabella, for coming into my world, for giving me so much joy. My life is unbelievably changed and I wouldn't ever ask for it to go back to the way it was. My sleepless nights are worth it. Yes, Mommy gets frustrated sometimes when you won't go back to sleep easily after a middle of the night feeding, but I dreamed of these days for so long. And now you are here and life is forever changed. Thank you for changing my life!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Blessing of You

My Dearest Isabella,

I have been meaning to write to you since the day you arrived, but life has been very busy. You've now been with us for about ten days. In those ten days, you have changed my life completely. I couldn't ask for a better blessing than you. God certainly knew that this was the right time for you to enter my life. 

I want to tell you all about the first day I laid eyes on you. Mommy had to have surgery to have you, since you didn't seem to get the memo that babies should be head down in order to come out of Mommy's body. But that's okay, Isabella, I was in great hands. Miss Nancy from church even came to the hospital on her day off to assist as a nurse with the surgery. It was scary, I won't lie to you. Mommy had never had surgery before, so the mere thought of scalpels and stitches and blood was very frightening. But nothing was going to keep me from getting to you. 

You certainly made Dr. L earn his pay check on July 28th! He did an ultrasound less than an hour before the c-section to see where you were. You decided to move head down. Silly baby, you should have already been head down! I opted for the surgery anyway. I didn't want to wait much longer to hold you in my arms. Lucky for Mommy, the surgery went on as planned...except you weren't where Dr. L last saw you. Being the wiggle worm you are, you had moved! He had to do an extra cut in Mommy's uterus so that he could get you out. You didn't want to come out, though, you kept dodging his hands. Finally, he pulled you out into the world. But Mommy heard no crying. I panicked. But the nurses later said you were looking all around, confused and a bit scared. Then, when you realized you weren't going back in, you started crying. It was music to Mommy's ears. See, with the surgery, Mommy couldn't see anything, so the crying made it real. I knew you were out, you were mine, and my heart was so overjoyed.

Your daddy got to hold you almost right away. I know you stopped crying as soon as he held you. You knew his voice from the very beginning. Then, they brought you over to me so I could see you. What a rush of joy. I was so overcome with joy that I just cried. My blessing from God was finally here!

In the past week, you have blessed our lives immensely. Everyone is in love with you. You are healthy, lovable, quiet, and cute. You're this perfect little baby wrapped up in a package of tan skin with brown hair. How could I not love you more and more with each passing day! God certainly knew you were needed in all of our lives and here you are, already blessing those around. Lots of people know how much it took to conceive you and they know why we call you "Isabella Joy." It means "God's promise of joy." No other words can express how it feels to hold you, kiss your sweet face, touch your tiny hands and feet, and hold you and rock you to sleep. 

Mommy looks forward to all the blessings you will bring into all of our lives. You are just perfect in every way. That's why this scripture expresses how Mommy feels perfectly. "

Every good and perfect gift is from above." ~ James 1:17