Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Joy Of YOU

My Dearest Isabella, 

It has been nearly a year since my last letter. For that, I am sorry. My attention has been spent playing with you, making memories, and trying to give you a sister if brother (that as gotten nowhere). But all of that is not a good enough excuse to have not written you a letter. These letters are my heart's way of telling you the things you are too little to fully understand. 

You are the joy of my life and your Daddy's life. It has been the best adventure of my life watching you grow, learn, explore. Your intelligence amazes me! You say the funniest things and remember so much about what we teach you and tell you. You take yourself on adventures around the house and in the little field across from the house. You taught yourself how to hang from a tree branch and you are trying to climb trees. I love to watch you and the pride you take in all you do. 

The thing I love the most are your hugs and cuddles. You are my little cuddle bug. I never dreamed that your cuddles could be so magical. But they are! There is something so magical about being your mom. It is like living in a fairy tale. You give my boo boos kisses to make them all better. You hold my hand when you think I'm sad. You gently pat my head when I have a headache. There is nothing sweeter than your love and nurturing. Your hugs make even the worst of days seem better, brighter, happier. These hugs are priceless! 

Now, you are quickly approaching your third birthday. We had hoped to be able to tell you that you were going to be a big sister, but sometimes, God has other plans for our lives. God must have something special in mind for all of us because right now, it is just you. And my heart is okay with that right now. I am so filled with love for you and joy in you. The past three years have given your Daddy and me more smiles, laughs, and tears than ever imagined. The joy you have brought to our lives is indescribable. I do the best I can with these letters, but only when you are a mother some day will you ever fully understand. 

For now, my dearest little love, I shall wrap up this letter with a not-quite-so-simple "Thank You." Thank you for giving me the best three years I could ever ask for. Thank you for always giving me cuddles and hugs and making sure I know that you love me. Thank you for making me feel like the mom who makes your world beautiful. Thank you for making me feel beautiful when you see me looking in the mirror and you tell me how pretty I am. Thank you for teaching me how to live life with cautious adventure, how to explore new things, how to enjoy the little things like picking blackberries and eating them straight from the bush. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and learn as I go. I'm not perfect as a mom, but you let me make mistakes and tell you I am sorry when I do. Thank you for just being you. I always wanted to be a mom and I dreamed of having a daughter. But I never imagined it could or would be this amazing. So thank you for being the joy of my life. I love so you very much. Like I say every night, I love you to the moon and back.