Monday, August 31, 2009

Empty Womb

**This is a poem I wrote June 19, 2009.

A full heart but an empty womb,
Arms that long to hold a miracle.
How long must I wait,
How many tears does it take?
A heart ready to love and adore,
Arms ready to cuddle and soothe.
How many years does it take?
Why must I wait so long?
I wait for that tiny miracle,
But yet it does not greet me.
My womb is empty and wanting
To be filled with a precious child.
My arms are filled by a husband's embrace,
Yet I long for that miracle,
To adore, cherish, and love that child.
How long must I wait,
How many years does it take?
How many more tears should I cry?
For now, I continue to wait,
For a miracle, for a precious child,
For my empty womb to finally be filled.

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