Friday, February 26, 2010

Mommy Feels You!

My Dearest Child,

I'm so excited that I can finally feel your movements. I still haven't really felt kicks or punches yet, but it's still super early for that. Mommy's waiting so anxiously, though! But I can feel you moving around in your temporary home and it's just so exciting. It's one of those more intimate moments between Mom and Baby that I reserved myself to thinking I would never experience. To be here with you now, knowing you are growing, dancing, moving around, it's just amazing. 

Now, my child, with that said...I beg you to play nice with me. These hormone changes? They're not fun. Your Daddy tells you all the time to play nice with me. I've been more nauseous in the past few weeks than I had been up to that point. But I don't blame you, I blame the hormones of pregnancy. Mommy just likes to tease. You'll get used to that! 

Only a few weeks left until I can see you again and hopefully, you'll cooperate so I can know if you are on Team Pink or Team Blue. I'm so nervous and excited about that. We have some names chosen, but once we find out what team you play for, we'll really look at those names and choose one that is perfect for you. I can't wait! 

Until my next letter, be nice, don't beat me up too much, but I can't wait to feel your kicks and punches, sweet child of mine!



  1. I LOVE your letters. How precious these are. I'm sure your dear little bean will adore and cherish these when they're bigger!

    Happy ICLW!

  2. Aww your letters are wonderful to read. This is something I would like to do when we are finally PG.


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