Saturday, May 29, 2010

Practicing Olympic Sports

Dear Isabella, 

Mommy has decided that you are going to be an Olympic star. With all the fancy moves you perform anymore, there really is no other profession planned out for you. You swim all the time. Your kicks are getting stronger, so I'm not sure which sport you want to play. You should know ahead of time that your Daddy is pretty stern about cheerleading. He says you're not doing it, so stop practicing all the crazy daredevil jumps. Don't think I can't feel them. I may not see what you are doing, but I feel it all!

Of course, I'm also wondering if you're practicing your future career as a beach bum. You seem to enjoy laying right on my bladder, so I guess you like being near the water to relax. But please stop laying on my bladder. It's really not comfortable. 

Maybe you're going to be a musician...organist to be specific. You do like to kick my bladder, which is an organ. 

Okay, Isabella, ease up on the practicing of your sports moves. Mommy really doesn't like it all the time. Your feet are bigger and so you are. So be nice. 


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  1. What a super cute post! I bet you cannot wait to see how active she will be once she is running around..not too long to go!!


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