Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Year of Adventures

Dear Isabella,

I find myself watching you in awe each day. I am just amazed at your curiosity. You are my little adventure seeker. You are always trying to discover what is new, what the room, the world has to offer you. You certainly are a joy to watch, as you amuse yourself with every new thing you find. 

In the past year, I have watched you go from this little baby who fit so nicely cradled into the crook of my elbow to a big girl who is almost walking on her own and sleeps on Mommy like a big girl would. I've watched you go from the little newborn nursling who would fall asleep at Mommy's breast to the toddler nursling who is so distracted by anything and everything that you need soft music and a soft blanket to really get a good feeding session going. I've watched you go from the little baby who would laugh and smile when Mommy laughed and smiled to the big girl who laughs at The Wonderpets and smiles when she finds a "lost" crunchy on the floor. I've watched you go from the baby who we could lay in her swing and let her sleep to the baby who wants to stand at the coffee table and walk around it to see what's good on the other side. So many changes! 

In one year's time, you have 6 teeth, long and tan legs, beautiful blue eyes than never did get darker, and a smile than can melt anyone's heart. You have learned to talk and you have your set vocabulary right now. It's always exciting to hear you say another new word. You have temper tantrums that could rival any two year old's tantrums. That could be bad news for later on down the road, but we'll get there when we get there. 

One year, 365 days, seems like a lifetime. Yet, your birthday came and went and you are no longer counting your age in months. 

You spent your birthday grumpy and clingy, but with getting over the ear infection, being on the Augmentin, and all the hustle and bustle around here, I don't blame you for the clingy nature. You're still a bit clingy, but not as much. It's nice when you give Mommy a break, even if it's just to write a quick letter on here to you and then go back to playing with you. Your birthday on Thursday was nice. Your Poppy made you a very nice cake (okay, it was for Mommy, too, since I didn't get a birthday cake from Mom-Mom and Poppy this year and he makes GREAT cakes!). You loved it so much that you stole a layer of it off of Mommy's plate and shoved it in your mouth! You really seemed to enjoy that cake. You got many nice presents on Thursday, and it was just a nice family time together.

We celebrated your birthday again on Saturday with a big party. You really are a special little girl and we are blessed to have so many friends who came out to share with us in such a special occasion. For as long as we waited for you to greet us in the world, it's exciting to watch you grow up. But you greeted all of your friends and family with your grumpiness. Yes, Queen Fussypants was in the house for the party. You refused to go to anyone else and you refused to eat your food in your high chair unless Mommy sat right next to you. Mommy couldn't even get the party prepped. I am so thankful for your Grandma, Auntie Olivia, Auntie Mandy (we also call her Aunt DeeDee), Mom-Mom, and Daddy. They did so much to get everything ready while Mommy held you so you could take a short nap. 

Your party was nice, you did eventually have a good time, even if you refused to let anyone else hold you. You looked adorable in your little tutu and I'm just so glad we were able to share with so many people.

Now, as you move on to your second year of life, I wonder what new adventures are in store for you! I'll be waiting and watching for all the exciting adventures to come!



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