Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get Ready for Possible Ear Tubes!

Dear Isabella,

My sweet bay girl, I hate that you are ailing with another ear infection. This is the 4th ear infection since Valentine's Day and I know it isn't easy for you. You are handling them with as much grace as a 20-month old beauty can, but I know it isn't easy! I wish I could just take them away, have them myself, or just make them disappear. It breaks my heart to constantly have to give you medicine just to make you feel better and make the infections go away. I know you have grown accustomed to it, almost like it's all a part of your daily routine. But my sweet baby, it shouldn't be that way. Mommy hates to see you in this boat.

We saw Dr. W yesterday and she was quite surprised to see you for another ear infection after seeing you a week ago for a check-up. Your ears were pretty good last week, but you were still on Augmentin. Dr. W giggled a little when you gave her some of your classic "mean girl" looks. She really was sorry that she had to look in your ears again, but it HAD to be done! As she nicely put it, you are on your way to buying yourself a brand new shiny set of ear tubes. Perhaps that's not the accessory you had in mind for your Little Diva fashionista self, but it really is the truth! You are headed that way!

On April 3rd, you have the joy of meeting Dr. H at CHOP's ENT office. Yes, he's the doctor with all the magic of making ears better. Right now, it's a waiting game to get you to that point. Your poor ears just won't give you a break and we just need to get to the 3rd and get you to that appointment. I'm sure Dr. H will want to put tubes in your ears, but we will see when we get to that day. 

In the meantime, did I tell you lately that you are just growing up too quickly? Time seems to be flying and my little baby who I once was able to cradle in my arm is the little girl you see when you model in front of the mirror. Your smile, your giggle, the things you do and say, you are so funny and adorable. But little baby you are not. A little girl, now that is what you are. Everyone told me time would just zip on by and although I knew they were right, I guess I had hoped they were wrong. There are many nights when I miss cradling you in my arms as you peacefully slept. I watch you fall asleep in your crib and I can't believe how big you are. Soon, you won't even be in a crib, you will be in a big girl bed. I may just cry that day. 

Life doesn't prepare mothers for how quickly their babies grow. But if I could keep you small forever, I don't think I would. There is a certain joy I get as I watch you explore new things and develop more of your true personality. You amaze me with how much you express, how much you know, and how much you can do. I love watching you grow taller and more beautiful. Every day, I find you to be more beautiful. I never dreamed of a daughter who could possibly be as beautiful and expressive as you. Your smile melts my heart and makes me smile, even when I am not feeling well. 

Speaking of not feeling well, I have to thank you for being a good little Mommy. A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy both came down with the stomach bug and you are such a good little Mommy. You took care of me. You gave me a pacifier and a blanket-buddy, just like I do for you when you are sick. That's not exactly how I would have taken care of myself, but I appreciate you doing what you know works for you. Some day (thirty years from now), you will make a good Mommy. But we have a LOOOOONNNNG time before we think about that. At least I know I can count on you when Mommy isn't feeling well. Your hugs and little ways of taking care of me sure do make me smile.

Well, my sweet girl, it is time to wrap up this letter. I promise to try to be better about writing to you. I haven't written a lot lately, but you certainly keep my very busy. I love you very much and I enjoy spending my evenings with you, playing with you and laughing with you. I'll write more again soon. Hugs!!


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