Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Brave Little Girl

**This letter is actually from April 27, but I am just getting to finish it now.

Dear Isabella,

Words cannot say how proud I am of you today. You are such a brave big girl. Today, we spent the morning over in Philadelphia at CHOP. Yes, today was YOUR big day. Your ears will never be the same! You've been a super girl all day long. This Mommy is beyond proud of your bravery and strength. 

Last night, I did my best to keep you up past your bedtime so that you could eat an extra snack or two, drink juice to your heart's delight, and wait for Grandma to arrive. You were so excited to see Grandma when she got here. You sure did make her feel welcome and loved. That was such a nice welcome for her after her long drive up here for you. She was excited to see you, too. You made her smile from ear to ear with your excited welcome. You did stay up an hour and a half past bedtime. But it was so worth it to see Grandma (Daddy's Mommy) reading you a bedtime story and sharing beautiful and tender moments with you before bedtime. Mommy needed a break last night. My emotions were already getting the best of me, as I was nervous about today's procedure. But, as always, I cuddled with you, prayed with you, rocked you to sleep, and tucked you in.

We got you up VERY early this morning to head on over to Philly. You were such a well-behaved little girl. Although you had nothing to eat or drink since last night, you didn't fuss or get grumpy about it. You didn't fuss when Mommy and Daddy changed you into your hospital shirt, pants, and socks. You were so good. You took all your medicine like a brave little girl. You, sadly, are so used to taking medicine in a syringe that when Nurse Lauren came in with your Giggle Juice, you opened right up, ready for it. And you swallowed it all down like a big girl. She was certainly impressed with your behavior. She also kept commenting on how beautiful you are.Those words sure do make this Mama proud to say you are mine, my beautiful daughter. 

Daddy and I did a great job of being brave for you. There was no sense in showing our emotions and getting you upset before your big procedure. That would have made it all a lot more difficult. We held you in the preop room and watched some Mickey Mouse on the television. You were pretty distracted with the toys that the Nurse Assistant brought in for you. Distractions were great because they kept you from thinking about how hungry or thirsty you were. The doctor who would be operating came in to see you and talk to us. He told us how short the procedure would be and how you would be so much better once the tubes were in your ears. I still held it together, though I could feel my eyes ready to well up with tears. But when the anesthesiologist came in and talked to us, the reality of leaving you in their hands set in. I still held in my tears, though! I needed you to be brave, so I needed to be brave for you.

I did great holding my emotions together. That is, until they came to take you back to the Operating Room. I chose to not carry you, even though you stubbornly displayed your desire for Mommy to hold you, love on you, and carry you. Thankfully, the Giggle Juice was already in effect and although you cried a little when Nurse Lauren carried you around the corner away from Mommy, you willingly let her carry you without kicking and screaming. When she passed you off around the corner to the OR staff, I could no longer contain my emotions. Yes, Mommy cried. It was the hardest thing I have had to do for you. I had to let you go, knowing that I could not be there to hold your hand. I knew you would be brave, I also knew that you were braver than I was. Your Daddy was great with me and so was Grandma. They hugged me and reassured me that everything would be great. 

After only ten minutes, Dr. H cam in to talk to us and tell us how great everything went. I was so relieved! It was music to my ears to know that everything went well, everything was done already, and you were already out of the anesthesia. We were told we could go back and see you and that just made me so happy. When we got back to your post-op room, you were drinking a bottle of apple juice sitting on a male nurse's lap, seemingly so content with your dreamy eyes. He really was too old for you, Baby Girl. I cried when I saw you. I was so overcome with emotions too hard to describe. I took you in my arms, held you tight, and kissed your sweet forehead. We were discharged shortly afterward.

The car ride home was not so wonderful. We made it safely across the river and about fifteen minutes into the ride, your little stomach could no longer handle the after effects of the anesthesia and the pain reducer they gave you. You became very sick. Grandma was sitting in the back with you and did her best to clean you up and comfort you. Mommy had packed a thick towel knowing that you would most likely be sick in the car. Poor baby, you were very sick and very hungry. 

Mommy had to make an emergency visit to the chiropractor because I woke up and couldn't turn my head. It was a very bad morning for Mommy, but you were far more important than not being able to turn my head. Grandma and Daddy dropped me off so I could get better in order to take care of you for the rest of the day. By the time I got home, you were eating, playing, and having a grand old time with Grandma. My heart was overjoyed to know that you were feeling better.

Overall, Isabella, you did great. You were a real trooper, my brave little girl. You will do so much better with the tubes in your ears and Mommy and Daddy are excited to see what the effects will be.


**Post Script: Mommy and Daddy are so pleased with the progress you have made!! You speak so much more in words we can actually understand. You seem to be so much happier because you aren't in pain and you can communicate so much better. I am excited to see how much more you progress as time goes on with tubes in your ears making everything sound more clear. ♥

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