Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait!

My Dear Isabella,

Your scheduled arrival date is now set for July 28th. Since you like to tumble around and wiggle so much, you aren't in the position they want to see you in. So I have a surgery date and time in place, just in case you don't do what you should. That day is a week from tomorrow. Oh, Isabella, words cannot express the joy in my heart as I anxiously wait for your arrival. 

There was a time where I really thought this day may never greet me. I was in a place where my faith was shaken a bit and I wanted to be in control of when and how you would be conceived. I gave all that to God, laid it at His feet. I had to give up my dream of a child in MY time. It's when I was able to lay down my dreams that God took over control and kept to His promise of a child. We prayed so hard for you before you were ever conceived. We prayed for you when we first decided to start a family. God has granted our wish for a child by blessing us with you. We have been so blessed already by your life and you aren't even outside the womb yet!

Oh, my darling child, I cannot fathom the joy that awaits me when they first lay you in my arms. Oh how I cannot stand the anticipation of that moment! I'm teary-eyed just thinking of how I will feel when I hold you, kiss you, hug you, and see you for the first time. I can't wait to touch your ten perfect little fingers, to kiss your soft baby skin, to rock you to sleep in my arms. There are no words to really express how it feels to be waiting in such anticipation for that moment. What's more is that I will be so filled with love and joy when I see your Daddy hold you for the first time. He's been waiting for you for so long. He's like a child waiting for an exciting vacation. His sleep has been broken with thoughts of you. 

It has been such a long journey to get us to this day of waiting. But every step of that journey was worth the pain, the sorrow, the fear, and the tears. Those are all things that were part of the path God placed us on. There are no words for how thankful I am for all that it took to conceive you. I'm thankful for the tears, for the pain, for the fear of never meeting you. It is through all of those experiences that I am able to appreciate the blessing of your life. You were promised to us three years ago when your Dad and I first prayed about a family. And in a week, we will finally meet you, God's promise to us. I love you, you are the joy of my heart!



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