Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Little Princess

Dear Isabella,

Yesterday marked a happy 15 weeks in your life. It's so exciting to watch as you grow so big and do more and more things. I can't even explain the joy I have with you in my life. God has blessed our little family so greatly with you. I am just so thrilled to wake up every morning and see your beautiful face. I love to see your big blue eyes just glowing when you see Daddy or me. It always makes my day even more special.

My darling baby, you are just so precious. Although I'm not so thrilled with these early morning wake up calls this past week, you are still my precious little princess. You bring more joy, meaning, and laughter into my life. I have that joy I waited for. You ARE the joy I waited for! Oh, the waiting! I knew that waiting for God's time would yield something special, but I had no idea it would be something this special. You are just the sunshine in all of our lives. 

I love you so much, Isabella. I'm just so thrilled to have you, to spend my evenings cuddling with you. Thank you for making my life as a Mom so special and so exciting!




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