Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last Week in This Home!

Dear Isabella,

This is your last week in the apartment you've known as home since before you were born. It's an exciting and a scary time. Packing is going slowly, but you sure do keep us from getting as much done as we could. It's an interesting time around here and you do a great job of keeping us laughing and trying to keep calm with all the nervous excitement.

It's a scary time because everything is all new. Mommy hasn't moved since Daddy and I moved into this apartment almost 7 years ago. It's not an easy thing to pack everything up. It's especially hard when all I want to do is play with you and keep you from getting upset. I'm sure you've noticed the boxes, but I'm thankful that you are so little still. You don't really understand what is going on. And that's a good thing. You just watch us hustle around trying to get things done and sometimes, you laugh at us because you think it's so funny.

This certainly is a very exciting thing, moving into a bigger home. You're almost guaranteed to have your own bedroom. You have your own bedroom now and certainly will at the new home, at least for now. But we'll see if that stays that way when Mommy and Daddy decide it's time for a bigger family. But you've got time to enjoy your new home and your new room without anyone bothering you.

Five more days, Isabella, and then we'll be moving all of our things into our new home. We can start a full life with a REAL home for you, our little princess. We want to give you every little thing we can. This is a big dream we had, to give our baby girl a nice, new, big home where you could dream, play, imagine, and create new things. I'm excited to see you grow up in it!


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