Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunshine and Spring

Dear Isabella,

I have discovered (with some help from Mom-Mom) that you love the outdoors. I always knew you would be an outdoor baby. You just get so excited to be in your stroller and go on walks in the evening with Daddy, Angel, and me. Angel doesn't always like a tag-along when she's on a walk to take care of business, but she can get over it. You are just a little adventurer. There's something about the sunshine and spring flowers that catches your attention, gains giggles, and receives smiles. 

My darling, I love that you love being outside. I have a love of nature (not quite the same as your Aunt M. does). I just love to sit in the quietness and peacefulness of nature. Mom-Mom's house is perfect for that. You can watch the horses, sit on the swing (once it gets hung) with Mom-Mom and Poppy, go for a walk around the house or to the back field, and play in the dirt. Being outside is something you will love even more when you learn how to walk without my help. But for now, I enjoy watching you sit in the grass, so intrigued by what you see, the feeling of the grass, the flowers that surround you, and the sounds that you hear. I can only imagine how our spring and summer adventures will be for years to come!


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