Friday, May 27, 2011

A Mommy's Girl

Dear Isabella,

It is true, you are a Mommy's girl (at least for now). I was always a Mommy's girl myself. I loved to spend time with my mom more than anything else. I'm still a Mommy's girl and I'm almost 32 years old. You're never too old to be a Mommy's girl. I'm very smitten with you and I'm so glad you are smitten with me, too. There is nothing quite like your sweet cuddles, your baby kisses, and your smiles and laughs just for me. 

With that said, Izzy, it's time we had a chat. You have made yourself a little too in love with Mommy. You don't like to be held by many other people. You have separation anxiety when I leave to use the bathroom or get a shower. You don't like to fall asleep in my arms and then wake up and realize you are no longer in my arms. All these things lead to the royal diva's tantrum. Really, this needs to stop soon. I try to do nothing to encourage it, but it doesn't matter what I do or how many times we have a chat about it. You just don't listen, you just want Mommy! I'm glad to love me so much that only I can make all the tired tears go away and I'm the only one who can comfort you when someone looks at you wrong (yes, you can be very sensitive when you are sleepy!). But it's time to spread the wealth a little, give your Daddy some of this same love. 

Okay, my love, all teasing aside, you are such a joy to have. I never expected to be blessed with a baby as sweet, tender, and loving as you. You snuggle with me. You cuddle with me. You share baby kisses with me. You like to just hang on my arms or rest your head on my legs. You are already so loving and so devoted. There are no words to truly express how it feels to be your Mommy, to be needed, wanted, and loved by you. I wouldn't trade in the middle of the night feeding sessions, the rocking you to sleep, the cuddling/snuggling/hugging away the grumpiness. I love every moment. Ten months of those tender moments and yet, it feels like you've always been right here with me. I guess that's because you've always been in my heart.



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