Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Night Before Mother's Day

Dear Isabella,

It's the evening before Mother's Day and I realized I haven't written a letter to you in a while. I must admit that you do keep me quite busy! But I wouldn't trade a moment of that time spent with you for some time to write a letter on a computer. No, my moments with you mean so much more than sitting here typing a letter. As I write you this letter, you are happily playing in your jumperoo watching Sprout. At least it keeps you entertained so I can have some Mommy time.

The past nine months have so quickly vanished and instead of a little baby who fits so snugly into the crook of my arm, you are a growing, budding little girl who calls out "Mama" and laughs at anything that is funny. I have watched you go from being just a mere dream, a thought of things to come, to a child in my arms in a hospital room-meeting for the first time, to a sweet little nine-month-old who has quite a sassy personality. It's been one exciting journey watching you grow so far. 

As Mother's Day approaches tomorrow, I wanted to thank you for loving me the way you do. For all those years that I dreamed of being a mom, and all the years I spent trying to reach that dream, having you, loving you, and cherishing our moments together makes this Mother's Day that much more special. Isabella, I had almost given up hope of us ever being together, of ever being a Mom. I had no idea what God had in store for me. I had no idea that His plan was to bring you into my life. I carried you for nine months and even that couldn't have prepared me for how much I love you, how much I adore you. You make the sun shine even brighter and you make the world that much sweeter. You make me so overjoyed to be a mom. 

Being your mom is the most amazing experience. I'll admit that you don't always make it an easy experience. These ear infections and colds have certainly tested my ability to get sleep when I'm worried about my baby. It's tested my willingness to get up all hours of the night to nurse and console my very upset little girl. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've learned a lot about myself as a mom through all of that. I've also learned a lot about your Mom-Mom and what she must have gone through as a young mom. I'll tell you a secret-I was the same as you with the ear infections! I never knew how your Mom-Mom did it, but I'm learning as we go that there is no secret to how to get through it all, you just do it! I'm a mom and my job is loving you, taking care of you, and making you happy!

So, as Mother's Day approaches, I wanted to thank you for being my child, for helping this journey as a Mom seem to amazing. It is a beautiful experience and I'm so blessed to be a Mother. I love you very much and I'm so blessed and thankful to be your mother.


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